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"A fantastic royal story, superbly performed by Cecilia Säverman 

Kulturbloggen about Vasadottern

Mar 23rd 2022

"(Cecilia Sävermans) committed portrayals span across different ages, and holds every character in this spectacular prinsess saga.

Aftonbladet about Vasadottern

Nov 9th 2020









En film om snälla killar, A film about nice guys award winning short film best actress best script best comedy best european
Alice i Underlandet Vallby Friluftsmuseum Folkparkteaterscen Regi Johan Bark. Steampunk. Foto: Martin Boohm.



Cecilia Säverman is a Swedish actress based in Stockholm. Some of her work includes the popular series Drottningarna (TV4, Cmore), the stage play Vasadottern, for which she recieved the City of Stockholm Scholarship for Dramatic Arts,  Black Crab (Netflix), the short film A Film about Nice Guys for which she has recieved several awards, and the comedy show Vulgäris (or the problem with women) at the Stockholm City Theatre Kilen. She is also a writer for both plays, short films, sketches and music (view more at Creations).

Currently rehearsing: Alice in Wonderland, in the role as Alice. Opening june 15th at Vallby Friluftsteater. Dir: Johan Bark.

Tickets: Nortic.se: Alice i Underlandet

Her background as a dancer and singer makes her a versatile actress, performing both physical comedy as well as drama and action.

Apart from a Masters Degree from The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts,

Cecilia has also taken courses specifically for film-, and voice acting. 

International representation: Dryblue Agency, DBA

Swedish representation: Swedish Actors



Viaplay: Limbo, dir: Sofia Jupither

Netflix: Black Crab, dir: Adam Berg

TV4Play: Drottningarna: Watch episode: Drottningarna

Agenterna S.4: SVT barnkanalen, Swedish National Television

Globala mål i sikte, UR Play, Swedish National Educational Broadcasting TV


VASADOTTERN -Review in Swedish here:

A monologue based on the life of Swedish king Gustav Vasas daughter: prinsess Cecilia Vasa. 


ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Role: Alice, Dir: Johan Bark, at Vallby Friluftsteater

TV4: Morden i Sandhamn (The Sandhamn Murders), dir: Mattias Olsson, 2024

SVT: Trolösa (Faithless), dir: Tomas Alfredson, 2025

Short film: Heydays, dir: Jamil Walli



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Voice samples in both Swedish and English, dramatic and commercial.

Hoodie fake fur modell actress Cecilia Säverman photographer Oscar Karlsson
Orange suede checked suit white shirt sunSwedish actress/ Svenska skådespelaren Cecilia Säverman model Foto: Oscar Karlsson