P4 Stockholm

Radio interview about Romeo & Romeo. Listen from the shared time.

Tidningen Mitti Östermalm

Newspaper interview about Romeo & Romeo:

Örnsköldsvik Allehanda

TV interview about Ankarbarnet, after a show.



P5 Stockholm

Radio interview about Minns du Zenobia (Remember Zenobia) .


The newspaper "The Shakespeare Company" intervjued me and another actor about Romeo & Romeo.

Feministiskt Perspektiv

Article about my short film Dining Room Talk.


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Kulturbloggen, Birgitta Komaki, Mar 23rd 2022

VASADOTTERN (Daughter of Vasa)

"The play is a monologue with many roles, intense tempo, a burning subject and very intruiging."

"Despite being a tragic story about a chastised female life, it's also humourusly told" 

"A fantastisk royal story brilliantly performed by Cecilia Säverman" 

Aftonbladet, Cecilia Djurberg, Nov 9th 2020. VASADOTTERN (Daughter of Vasa)

"The daughter of Vasa, who went against the honor cultur of the renaissance and fought for freedom... (Cecilia Sävermans) committed portrayals spans across different ages, and holds every character in this spectacular prinsess saga...The play is well performed, with the direction of Judith lift the daughter of Vasa from the footnotes into the spotlight"

Mitt Roslagen, Pove Persson, Feb 26th 2020.


"It's fun, it's entertaining - and very enthralling [...] The acting is great by the four actors playing five different parts [...] This is really good. It will engage you, pulling you into the story."

"Det är roligt, det är underhållande - och en rejäl dos spänning [...] skådespeleriet är mycket stort av de fyra skådespelarna som spelar fem roller. Och Sara och Sebastian Edberg manus är både smart och roligt [...] Det här är riktigt bra. Det går liksom inte att värja sig, man dras in i handlingen"

Norrtelje Tidning, Margaretha Levin Blekastad, Feb 25th 2020.


"Cecilia Säverman is both scheming and frustrated in her part as Naima [...] The temperature - and the comedy - rises  as the characters take to arms."

"Cecilia Säverman är både intrigant och frustrerad i rollen som Naima [...] Temperaturen - och komiken - skruvas upp ordentligt när de inblandade drabbar samman med vapen."

Arbetaren, Josephine Askegård, Nov 20th 2018.


"Lorcas play contains contradictions but also unity in the commune. [...] That demands tight and elastic acting, which the ensemble delivers. From the pragmatic housekeeper, played by Inger Nilsson, to the love thirsting youngest daughter [Cecilia Säverman], it is ninety minutes of fascination.", Karl Åhman,Nov 17th 2018. 

"This is how Lorca should be played. [...] It's a very strong play with an ongoing nuisance exploring what isolations can do to a person. [...] The ensemble is skilled and play well together."

Scenkonstguiden, Karin Noomi Karlsson, May 12th 2018.


"Through small means, the ensemble manages to create detailed portraits of the characters. You feel very strongly for the six women [...] This plays goes straight into your heart."

Kulturbloggen, Lotta Altner, Nov 20th 2017.


"The actors [Cecilia Säverman and Tobias Andersson] ability to fully commit to the body language and way of reason of young teenagers was all through very carefully worked out.  [...] They also managed to create a feeling of parkour and acrobatics, in spite of the small stage, giving the play the energy that it needs."

Kulturbloggen, Lotta Altner April 14th 2016.


"The actors [Cecilia Saverman and Tobias Andersson] have great body language and facial expressions. It was a gymnastical performance that made you clearly see and understand many of the adventures that children fantasize about. [...] The most wonderful thing about the show was that through the actors' creative performances, we were shown how children really process and live through everyday problems. "

SvD, Karin Helander November 4th 2015.


"Fragments from both the present and their past are mixed with the actors' comments, open public addressing and glimpses of cabaret. Maria Alm Norell, Cecilia Saverman and Jonas Sjogren plays like it's a matter of life and death. And it is."

Västmanlands Läns Tidning, Åsa Johansson, April 10th 2015.


"Mercutia (Amy Alsegård) and Benvolia (Cecilia Saverman) have great interactions with with the laughing audience (...) But despite the show's hilarious tone, its sentiment is strong and up to date in a world where hate crimes and Russian antigay laws is still a fact."

Minst En Gång i Veckan, Joakim Bergman Feb 3rd 2015.


"I really like the shows way of delivering lines. It has a poetic pace, almost as if read in verse, it is musically crisp and clear. And it is distinct in a way that makes me think of Neil Simon. It is accurate in its delivery. (...) It is very well played. "

Kulturbloggen Nov 24th  2013.

"The two actors are talented and varies between different ways of being, both through body language and how they talk and move. Cecilia Saverman that plays the role of the woman (...) is trained both in musical, dance and song. One thing is sure, we will hear more about her and see more of her. "

Kultorama, Jens Wallén, Nov 30th 2013.


"The two actors (Cecilia Saverman and Ola Wallinder), perform this show with great expression that gives justice to the message, while the audience gets many laughs."

Hällekiskuriren Nov 10th 2010.


"Her [Cecilia Savermans] way of approaching the role, to portray Louise is so sensitive, so intelligent and true that I was moved the whole time. Rarely have I met such a young artist with so much sensitivity and such strong and nuanced expression."

Kurt Bäckström, blogg March 26th 2011.


"The protagonist Cecilia Saverman did an outstandingly great performance. Add the name to your memory! It will recur in many other future contexts."