my name is Cecilia Säverman


I’m a Swedish actress, singer, jester, script writer, composer, danser and producer living in Stockholm. Sometimes I’m afraid that all of those titles will scare people off, but I’ve decided to take the risk.

I hope that my versatility will build and strengthen my bridges, instead of burning them. My primary work though is as an actor, which has been my livelihood for the last decade, and is also from where I have my Masters Degree. My background from singing and dancing gave me broad opportunities from the start. I hope that I will always have the privilege to do and portray everything, from drama to comedy, from physical theatre to documentary film. 

I always want to grow and develop my craft. Since my Masters Degree in 2014 I’ve been taking courses and workshops in everything from Shakespeare to voice acting, norm creativity, film- and stagefighting, and film acting. 

The past years I’ve been so lucky as to have had my first short film “A Film About Nice Guys”  recognized and awarded at several film festivals. I’ve had the honor of receiving both Best Actress, Best Script and Talent of the Year for my work, and now I’ve released the film to Youtube for everyone to see. (Very scary, but mostly super exciting!). Pop in there right now and watch it, together with other comedy sketches I’ve written! (And edited! There should be a word for everything you learned during the pandemic. Pandemucation?)

During the pandemic I also wrote and premiered with the play Vasadottern (Daughter of Vasa), based on the true story about the Swedish founding father Gustav Vasas daughter Cecilia Vasa - princess and pirate. For the play I received the The City of Stockholm Scholarship for Cultural Achievement in Theatre. The play has since toured across Sweden.

Together with my comedy group Gycklargruppen Hyckel (The Jester Group Hypocrisy) I have released music albums, played comedy shows at the Stockholm City Theatre, and performed the craziest sketches. A lot of our work circles around to boobs, but also to cutting hair on stage using a huge axe. We also have the podcast “Public Cervix med Hyckel”.

I’m a fan of history, action, comedy, and psychological thrillers. I’m quite often cast as a teacher or nurse, but also had the great honor of playing one of the leads in the Swedish national series Drottningarna (Queens), where I played Queen Louise of the Netherlands. I also play an action villain in the Netflix movie Black Crab, where I fight Noomi Rapace (I’m not gonna spoil, but guess who didn’t win. It was great fun though!)

Looking forward to what the future holds!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and Ihope we’ll meet in interesting projects ahead!

All the best




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